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It is too early to recommend that all farsighted children get glasses, says Kulp, but she hopes this research, the first large-scale study to look at farsightedness and reading readiness in this age group, is an Important step In clearing up the uncertainty.
The study noted that in most children, farsightedness is mild and has little effect on vision.
Because many children with farsightedness can "achieve near-normal" on a visual acuity test, some might argue it is not important to detect their condition.
As the body grows, that farsightedness tends to decrease.
Near- and farsightedness are caused by changes in the shape of the eyeball.
They developed the first treatment for farsightedness, which is currently available in Europe, and are working on getting final approval for its use in the United States from the Food and Drug Adminstration.
And Salz and others are now conducting trials to correct farsightedness complicated by astigmatism.
Surgery promising the nearsighted a life free from eyeglasses or contact lenses could lead to farsightedness, fluctuating vision or weakened corneas more susceptible to infection, according to some researchers.