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Initially, such programs were used during economic depression and high level of unemployment; currently they are applied to ease negative influence of industrial restructuring in countries with transition economies and integration of exposed population groups, farthermost from the labor market.
The basic idea is to find a backup path that diverge with the default one earliest, or detours farthermost from the default path.
In 2001, the farthermost points from the jetties, where the impact actually was not fixed, were excluded.
More interestingly, half of the examples of longitudinal halls had either a niche or a room carved into the farthermost end facing the central entrance.
Scybalophagus rugosus is the species of the genus that reaches the farthermost northern distribution range, it occurs in the deserts of southern Peru, northeastern Chile, western Bolivia, and northwestern Argentina, down to La Rioja, always at altitudes above 930 meters and up to 4650 meters, being the species of dung beetles that reaches the highest altitude in the Americas and one of the dung beetles (and beetles in general
I have seen far too many doctor or engineer parents ordering their children to take up medicine or engineering when that is farthermost from the child's mind.
Sinop is located at the farthermost northern end of Turkey's Black Sea region over a small peninsula with its tall trees, beaches, clean waters and its famous and unique fiord, Hamsilos, in Turkey.
Three penalised runners dominated the finish of the final 6f handicap, with top-weight Dressed To Dance, trained by David Evans, repeating her recent course-and-distance success as he led home Farthermost and Peter Island.
In some of the smaller fields, those not owned by well-known promoters like May or J & J, check out the farthermost region of the fields.
that the Father causes the sun to rise on the farthermost corners of the
As Weber pointed out in his e-mail to Perry, the State Marine Board "advised us they consider the gravel bar at the Belt Line bridge the farthermost upstream launch site for motorboats and that they would help the city, at some point in the future, build a ramp at this location for motorboats.