farthest end

See: extremity
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At the farthest end of the street, close to Downtown, is Falafel Tabboush, owned by Fawaz, the founder's son.
FEW PEOPLE VISIT EAST KEY, a tiny, sandy island in Dry Tortugas National Park, situated at the farthest end of the Florida Keys.
The military commander, who refused to be named told / NINA / that the military forces and the tribes gunmen began their battle starting from the Albu Faraj area north of Ramadi, where there are elements of Dsh , noting that It is expected to resolve the battle within 48 hours to begin a new page for the Liberation of Ramadi and areas around it entirely within a week at the farthest end.
Those that are frequently prescribed are kept closer to the counter and the ones that are rarely used are kept at the farthest end.
In some instances the histopathology reports clearly stated that a particular parameter had been evaluated, but that no value could be attributed (eg, nearest and farthest end resection margins could not be specified because the resection specimen had not been marked by the surgeon).
I ran home to Marsh, at the farthest end of the catchment area, and ran back afterwards, a round trip of four miles.
Then a man came from the farthest end of the city at speed.
The amount of diesel spilled is small compared to the huge volume of water in the reservoir, he said, and it was spilled at the farthest end away from the intakes.
Situated at the farthest end of a private road, electrically-operated double gates lead to the driveway, offering privacy, A-list celebrity-style.
At the close of the symposium, Cali's mayor, Apolinar Salcedo, said, "We are in a tunnel right now whose farthest end is lit by the human light of restorative justice.
This reduction will be most at the point of densification and decays with distance towards the periphery of the unit cell reaching the original in-situ values at the farthest end of the unit cell.