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The mid-Artinskian event is less reflected in the Ambition Formation in northwestern Stikina, British Columbia, where more abundant fasciculate (morphoecotype III) and solitary corals (morphoecotype II) were found together with Neostreptognathodus pequopensis (Gunning et al.
alba, is characterized by anthelate or fasciculate inflorescences, hypogynous bristles, and deeply bifid styles.
Pax and Hoffman (1912) morphologically differentiated this group as shrubs having an indumentum with stellate or fasciculate trichomes, glandulous receptacles, and lacinulate-lacerate styles.
The unusual fasciculate hairs may also be synapomorphic.
Moreover, no fasciculate stamens are known in the Laurales, and the relative (vascular) independence of the nectarial appendages is due to their late appearance in ontogeny (Endress, 1980).