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Proudfoot Classification- Assessment of Severity of Acute OP Poisoning [8] Mild Fatigue, Headache, Paraesthesia Clinical Nausea and Vomiting, Diaphoresis, Manifestations Salivation, Abdominal pain Diarrhoea, Able to ambulate Decline in <10% Serum PchE Moderate Symptoms of Mild poisoning + Clinical Miosis, General weakness, Manifestations Dysarthria, Fasciculations, Unable to ambulate Decline in 10-50% Serum PchE Severe Generalised Fasciculation, Marked Clinical Miosis, Flaccid paralysis, Manifestations Respiratory distress, Unconsciousness Decline in >50% Serum PchE Table 5.
We randomized 30 patients in three groups: first group included 10 patients with symptomatic fasciculation and anxiety, second group includes 10 patients fasciculations associated with sensory symptoms or muscle weakness and were diagnosed with neuropathy or SLA and the third group included 10 patients with fasciculations associated with cramps (cramp-fasciculation-syndrome).
Localization helps in diagnosis: fasciculations can be generalised, in metabolic-toxic conditions, the benign fasciculation syndrome and degenerative disorders of anterior horn of spinal cord, as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; segmental, as in syringomyelia; or focal, affecting the muscles controlled by a nerve or spinal root.
SBMA (ORPHA481, OMIM #313200, SNOMED CT Concept ID 230253001 ([dagger])) is a rare progressive neuromuscular disorder of males marked by proximal muscle weakness, cramping, fasciculations (twitching of individual muscle fibers), and muscle atrophy.
Bilateral atrophy of her hands and fasciculation in the right biceps and triceps were observed.
During early phases of neuronal development, endocannabinoid signalling is fundamental for the proliferation and differentiation of progenitor cells, axonal guidance, neuronal migration, fasciculation, positioning of cortical interneurons, neurite outgrowth and morphogenesis (2,3).
Weston is meticulous in describing the theory of diathermy, but on the same page describes the fasciculation of the tongue and the vitalisation of a radial forearm skin paddle, concepts that would be far harder for a lay person to appreciate.
Moran suffers from Benign Fasciculation Syndrome which is a neurological disorder characterised by the twitching of various voluntary muscles in the body.
time (min) Hyper-excitability Face washing involuntary trembling and fasciculation 1 1-6 1 ,2,4,5 1,2 3 -- -- 3,4, 5 1 6 -- -- -- 8 -- -- -- time (min) tachypnea Exophthalmos convusion Flaccid paralysis 1 -- -- -- -- 3 2, 3,4, 5,6 1,4,5,6 -- -- 6 -- 2,3 1,3,4 1-6 8 -- -- 4,5 -- time (min) urinary sphincter death relaxation 1 -- -- 3 -- -- 6 1,2,3,6 1,2,3,6 8 4,5 4,5
7) But if it is ingested in large doses (200-500 ml of concentrated solution) it may produce neurotoxicity like, tremor, fasciculation, convulsion, coma and even respiratory failure (8).