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Fascicule 1: the excavations at 75-95 High Street and 5-10 Mill Street, Perth, xii+242 pages, 166 colour and b&w illustrations, 14 tables, CD.
This final fascicule considers their methods as well as their motivation and the uses to which the finished products were put.
The Helleno-British excavations within the Citadel at Mycenae, 159-1969; fascicule, 24: The ivories and objects of bone, antler and boar's tusk.
Voir Senat du Canada et Chambre des communes, Deliberations du comite mixte permanent d'examen de la reglementation, Fascicule no 9, 31 octobre 1996 a la p.
Secondly, many scholars will be glad to see that this sample is in French, following in the wake of the Munich Dictionnaire de l'occitan medieval (DOM), the first fascicule of which will, at the moment of the writing of this review, soon be published.
ESCOP Monograph (1996) Harpagophyti radix, Fascicule 2, ISBN 1-901964-01-9
6 (articles published in Bulletin de la Societe des Lettres, Sciences et Arts de la Correze, 1954-6, later reprinted in a fascicule of 35 pages, referred to here).
Asine III: supplementary studies on the Swedish excavations 1922-1930, fascicule 2.
Its first fascicule was published in 1924, anticipating completion in fifteen years.
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Great Britain, Fascicule 23: Reading Museum Service (Reading Borough Council).
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Great Britain Fascicule 22: Aberdeen University, Marischal Museum Collection.
46--48 of EL's text: "les trois dernieres pages du fascicule.