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An example of integrating a terrestrial scanning system, a system which is used in investigating the underwater pipeline from the oil field of the continental shelf of the Black Sea, contains the most important components on hydrographical scanning: RTK positioning system, motion sensor, gyrocompass, well for measuring the speed of sound, mono fascicule and multi fascicule well, the unit for synchronization in time, the onboard computers and software for navigation and the hydrographical data acquisition (Plopeanu, 2008).
Eduandrea selloana can be characterized by its terrestrial habit, thick rhizome with an abundant root system; abaxial surface of the leaf, scape and primary bract covered with a thick layer of white tricome in contrast with the glabrous adaxial surface, green leaves and blades with entire foliar margins; well elevated inflorescence above the foliar rosette, with narrow primary bracts that don't form outlying or central tanks and without the capacity of storing water; rachis partially visible in the basal portion of the inflorescence because of the fascicule separation; biporate and supoliporate pollen with reticule exine, and subglobose fruit bigger than the ovaries, green with persistent chalice (Brown & Leme, 2005) (Figure 2).
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