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Trying to look as if he knew anything about it, Fascination replied,
Fascination looked from his wine glass at Mrs Lammle and at Mr Lammle; but mightn't, couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't, look at Georgiana.
Fascination took rose-colour to mean the colour of roses.
They sat in this order: Mrs Lammle, Fascination Fledgeby, Georgiana, Mr Lammle.
If I understand this girl, sir, your dangerous fascinations have produced some effect upon her.
Against the rigid fascination of the cadaver, the contagious ritual of cannibalism emerges as a last resort.
Pressed on whether she understands the fascination with it, she replied: "No, I don't understand your fascination with it.
Each quarter is loosely tied together with the section's main character's fascination with spirals.
How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination initially would seem to appeal to psychology and self-help collections; but it actually comes from a branding and marketing expert who reveals how to tap into one's personality and its tools to sell a compelling product: you.
KOLKATA -- Slamming those who are against cultural exchanges between India and Pakistan in the wake of diplomatic tensions, veteran film and theatre actor Naseeruddin Shah said a section of Indians do not reciprocate the "tremendous" fascination and curiosity of the neighbours for the country.
Mitchell's Historic Preservation Commission has all recommended a renovation plan for the Corn Palace tourist fascination.
Chroma Utopia features 28 new works which showcase her fascination with layering - placing transparent glazes over the surface of a painting - which has become a recognisable signature of her practice.