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A group of Armenians who are strongly against such a behavior of the Armenian leadership, has recently made an open appeal, expressing concern over the installation of Nzhdeh's monument in Yerevan, and in general over the heroization of fascism in Armenia.
In Europe, May 9 is marked as the Day of Victory over Fascism, and here we are taught that we should be ashamed of February 14 when we, three months before Europe, got freedom when we defeated fascism and expelled it from the City - Djulic explained.
Never did fascism die with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
Given that the word "fascist" has recently become a pervasive, catch-all term for every form of modern political authoritarianism, books such as Gregor's, which attempt to clarify what fascism was, is, and most likely will be in the future, are increasingly necessary.
And since the "mainstream" media rarely miss an opportunity to affix the "right-wing" label to conservatives--and invariably in the most pejorative sense possible--this current narrative reinforces the longstanding disinformation campaign to delegitimize conservatives and "the Right" by associating them with racism, Nazism, and fascism.
It is possible to disagree with Saunders Lewis and Plaid Cymru, but the charges of fascism are totally untrue.
While 'murderous brutality' is a trait that is common to both traditional tyranny and modern fascism, the crucial difference, writers on fascism remind us, is that fascism is driven by a mass movement.
At a time when Fascism had launched its pro-natalist campaign, certain types of modern women, who were more concerned with maintaining their slender figure than giving birth, represented a threat to the biological reproduction of the nation.
This form of fascism shaped the interwar revolutionary Right, which came into vogue in Europe after the First World War.
This obelisk, located at the entrance of the former Mussolini Forum (presently "Foro Italico") in Rome, was planned and built by the Duce of Fascism only four years after the first project.
Back in high school, Neil Gorsuch - now Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court - reportedly founded a group called the Fascism Forever Club.