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Goldberg says "the elevation of unity as the highest social value is a core tenet of fascism and all leftist ideologies" and that the "idea that unity in and of itself has curative, redemptive powers is quintessentially fascistic.
Walker paraphrased Chilean writer Alejandro Magnet, calling Peronism a movement with "authoritarian, corporative, and fascistic traits.
He longs for Hogwarts School, but life there is no better, as a horrid, fascistic new professor of the Dark Arts slowly gains control of the school.
But this severe money supply reduction was accompanied by a collapse in production as FDR handcuffed the entire economy -- from agriculture to manufacturing to finance -- with fascistic notions of total control from Washington.
Monstrous creations like the Daleks are symbols of this authority, seeking to ruthlessly impose fascistic conformity and exterminating that which makes individuals distinctive or unique.
As social movements emerge on the sociopolitical landscape, they, too, can reflect the undemocratic and fascistic tendencies of the state.
Auden updates mankind's perennial addiction to violence by having Hephaistos engrave on the new shield details of our century's fascistic wars.
Edgar Hoover, Roy Cohn, and other racialist and fundamentalist leaders were not fascistic because of their hidden homosexual orientation.
It would install the first `democratically elected' fascistic dictatorship in Latin America, backed with Mafia funding and support.
Employing detournment strategies familiar to lovers of Matthias Muller and Jean-Luc Godard (and Hoolboom's own White Museum and Shooting Blanks), the Toronto-based film and videomaker plumbs the fascistic impulses of both the dream factory and Silicon Valley.
the evil and fascistic Axis); it was rather, coupled with World War I, a second Thirty Years War "comprehensible within a history of traditional power politics and international rivalries.