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They can exclude not only fashionableness but also almost all other natural properties, too (n.
The recent fashionableness of Aqua's forms, Albi adds, has resulted in copycatting by overseas companies-something Alaya and his business have had to stay ahead of.
Both left me with a healthy dissatisfaction with normal procedures: the secret competition juries, the kiss-and-tell lectures to audiences whose size depends upon the fashionableness of the speaker and those events that exist as a quick bit of brain-feeding before the real business of the evening--the booze and the schmooze--gets going.
The refined design, which includes a natural smoothness of the surface, and the subdued LED lighting effects take S2COs fashionableness to the next level.
Cultural critic Paul Fussell best described the virtues of his friend Amis's writing: "the quest for enjoyment, unmarred by anxiety about fashionableness and alert to the slightest hint of phoniness or fraud.
The funding stream itself bears tribute to the fashionableness of concerns about 'new vocationalism' and 'new work order' referred to in my introduction; but the papers and discussions at that conference signalled that what VET in schools means is constructed differently by people positioned in different places in the schooling system (Australian College of Educators, 2002).
This derived from its grandiose and novel form, its high-flown classicism, its connections with Rome and a high status imperial past, and its sheer fashionableness and exclusivity.
This blurring of gendered boundaries in Weimar culture was further seen in the fashionableness of androgynization.
Similarly, as Dreiser would show with his own fervent shopper Carrie Meeber, just a few years after Chopin's tale, the urban crowds make the impressionable eager both to fit in and to stand out splendidly through the conspicuous fashionableness of their appearance.
Fashionableness itself, associated with rank and money and in these examples inscribed in the color green, may be construed as being in and of itself suspect: "All that glitters is not gold," as Cervantes so artfully exemplified in "El casamiento enganoso.