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Of the five disaggregated components of product/service quality, fashionableness was ranked top with a mean score of 3.
Party Monster - about a bunch of idiots going to nightclubs in New York - and the crystal meth mess Spun were two dismal attempts at fashionableness which failed embarrassingly, while Meg Ryan was excruciating in the boringly juvenile sex thriller In The Cut.
Veblen recognized that "the commercial value of the goods used for clothing in any modern community is made up to a much larger extent of the fashionableness, the reputability of the goods than of the mechanical service which they render in clothing the person of the wearer.
188) Now, we turn to the community's sentiment and the law's reflection of it throughout history, and a review of infanticide's recurrent fashionableness and fades, or its rather bumpy walk down the historic runway.
Readers, who are likely to be involved already in the study of these questions, are thereby invited to consider problems of scope and method in relation to two disciplines, one of them now much more attentive to its social context and the other still coming to terms with its recent fashionableness.
high degree of knowledge [among middle-class teenagers surveyed] about the fashionableness of brands of clothes, athletic shoes,jeans, and makeup-particularly the more prestigious brands.