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The artist fulfills an initial and limited role as fashioner of the object which only can become a "work of art" through the patina of use.
The Qur'an is against representation in art: "He is Allah, the Creator, the Shaper out of naught, the Fashioner.
Here was the great critic, fashioner of the most comprehensive and synthesizing theory of literature since Aristotle, confessing that it was music he loved best.
The MNE as a Creator, Fashioner and Respondent to Institutional Change, Mimeo, Universities of Reading, Rutgers and Maastricht 2006.
It was fetched off with water and a ball, And to our transformation this is all, Save what the master fashioner calls his; For to a gypsy's metamorphosis Who doth disguise his habit and his face, And takes on a false person by his place, The power of poetry can never fail her, Assisted by a barber and a tailor.