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The Caribbean offers a particular challenge to the fashioner of a women's mythology.
Neil Jordan is one of those rare crossover artists - John Sayles is another - who started out as a writer of stories, then shifted to film, yet remains a fashioner of words and sentences.
For unless whatever goes on within "the deepest recesses of the psyche" between the fashioner and his or her self gets represented or, as Butler would say, performed, there is nothing to see or interpret apart from the fantasies of the "internal core" we inscribe on the surface of the representations we interpret.
Still, the terms of such a resolution cannot be called monadic, because readers create their own resolutions, a truth nobody knew better than the fashioner of The Confidence-Man.
2) To rediscover the anthropological function of poetry, both as the fashioner of and the reflector on culture, means for the anthropologist, to find how much of its own tradition modern poetry can collect and translate in terms applicable to the everyday world.
implicitly, therefore, he is wanting to emphasize the value of the fashioner of the first lyre at the expense of the bringer of hermeneutics and god of communication.
One little eight-year-old is already a skilled fashioner of tiny nativity scenes.
Gabriel Obertan and Sammy Ameobi were the surprise fashioner of goals at Swansea last time out, while Yoan Gouffran has increasingly looked as though he requires a rest.
If complexity does not imply design, or if design is merely by chance, and if life has just emerged by chance and continues to exist in this wonderful variety out of a raw biological propensity for survival--then neither the ice floating over water nor any number of other observable phenomena constitute convincing arguments for a Designer and a Fashioner who has created the cosmos and all that exists.
I do not venerate matter, I venerate the fashioner of matter, who became matter for my sake," St.
When the narrative turns from the imperfect to the present tense, Prometheus reveals himself in his new role as fashioner of humans.