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Footballers live in a goldfish bowl these days and the unscrupulous won't hesitate in making a fast buck at their expense.
While Ken and Jackie are watching the sun go down tonight with a glass of Cobra in their hand and not a care in the world, sports betting junkies like us will be frantically ringing our bookies and clicking our mouses trying to earn a fast buck off tonight's football action.
Into the latter category fall Tang (Wang Shuangbao) and partner Song (Li Yixiang), a couple of heartless hustlers looking to make a fast buck in a corrupt society.
Trading standards' Mick King said: "Disreputable traders travel the region looking for victims to make a fast buck.
Leanne sees the chance to make a fast buck and plans to sue Bev.
And when that trust is violated by those who seek to make a fast buck, we will not hesitate to bring the full weight of the nation's securities laws to bear on behalf of our clients.
Invest in this country and stay here, not sell out to make a fast buck.
When you speak to people you keep getting the same answer: "If you sweep the pavement and someone slips they can sue you", and with more and more adverts about 'no win no fee' claim firms, someone is always out to make a fast buck .
I can't help feeling short-changed by the TV companies who only seem to be intent on making a fast buck.
For there is little doubt that the recent house price bubble was made worse by the view that investing in property was a surefire way to make a fast buck.
Selly Oak, Harborne, Selly Park and Bournbrook are full of properties owned by landlords who only want to make a fast buck whilst these areas become a rubbish tip.
I am also impressed to see leading Liverpool restaurants getting involved in this campaign, instead of just seeing an opportunity to make a fast buck.