fast rate

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Charles Morley, director Mortgage Distribution at Metro Bank, said, 'Our superior customer service, well-designed products and competitive rates means we're winning fans among brokers and customers at an increasingly fast rate.
Unsurprisingly, California is expected to have the largest solar market of all 50 states, and its market is expected to grow at an especially fast rate, along with markets in Hawaii, Massachusetts and Arizona.
Qatar's industrial sector has expanded at a fast rate after the siege and soon cement and steel factories will be able to meet the demands of construction companies here, geotechnical specialist Gul Hameed Khalil told Qatar Urdu Radio's live show Haqeeqat yesterday.
Bradley's cancer is spreading at a very fast rate and he has now got lots of new tumours including in his lungs.
Mum Gemma, 33, wrote on Facebook: "His cancer is spreading at a very fast rate.
With the fast turnover among new employees who are leaving 'at a very fast rate,' attitude now becomes a main consideration, he said.
But this fast rate of harvest can potentially lead to deforestation.
Well one thing is surely beyond any doubt; our numbers are growing at such a fast rate, the future of England is not looking great.
The robust design of the TLAser103 laser micrometer is said to ensure reliable inspection of very small parts at a fast rate, even in harsh manufacturing environments, according to the manufacturer.
Commenting on his appointment, Castelino said: "Facilities management in the UAE is growing at such a fast rate, and I would like to ensure that Cofely Besix FM strengthens its position even further as the top facility management company in the region,"
The Bank of England said over the three months, unsecured lending had grown at its fast rate since October 2005 and annually the November figure was up 6.
At a time when power consumption in the Kingdom is increasing at a fast rate of 8% per year, the deal with Wipro will help ensure expense controls and efficient use of assets for the SEC.

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