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Unconsciously she had been walking faster and faster, her body trying to outrun her mind; but she was now on the summit of a little hillock of earth which rose above the river and displayed the valley.
Now, the Saw-Horse remembered that this word was the command to go as fast as he could; so he began rocking along the road at a tremendous pace, and Tip had hard work -- running faster than he ever had before in his life -- to keep his feet.
But I'd travel faster with you just the same, was what he wanted to blurt out, as he caught a vision of a world without end of sunlit spaces and starry voids through which he drifted with her, his arm around her, her pale gold hair blowing about his face.
And yet we go faster than the man who is before us.
but Alice felt she COULD NOT go faster, though she had not breath left to say so.
Pinocchio's heart beat fast, and then faster and faster.
Pinocchio swam faster and faster, and harder and harder.
The ostrich runneth faster than the fastest horse, but it also thrusteth its head heavily into the heavy earth: thus is it with the man who cannot yet fly.
He thrust his head out of the coach window at intervals, and bawled out to know why they didn't go faster.
The faster the old mail went, the faster came the pursuers--men, horses, dogs, were leagued in the pursuit.
Low-inertia servomotors on models from 33 to 121 tons reportedly deliver faster injection with 2.
Nearly 20 percent of the passengers on the 3-month-old Orange Line are new to public transit and the vast majority have a faster commute than they previously did in a car or bus, says the MTA's first survey of busway riders.