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The statistically significant correlation of the size of the PFD with serum leptin indicates that this small fat depot is representative for the whole body fat load.
The effects on fat depot weights in F2 males were more marked than in F1 males, with substantial and significant increases in all visceral WAT depots from offspring of TBT-exposed animals (all TBT doses), whereas the subcutaneous (inter-scapular) WAT depot showed effects only at the two highest doses of TBT (Figure 1A).
Indeed, we found that the lowest dose of TFZ, 100 nM, elicited a significant increase in fat depot weight as normalized to total body weight (Figure 5B).
Fat depot origin affects adipogenesis in primary cultured and cloned human preadipocytes.
Considering that intakes were reduced by dietary WFS along with improved feed conversion ratio, this result shows that additional fat from WFS would have more efficiently been deposited in adipose tissues, especially in intramuscular fat, the most important fat depot in beef for human consumption.
through stimulating leptin-mediated lipid mobilization from visceral to subcutaneous fat depots (37).
Those with larger visceral fat depots (measured by CAT scan) had a 44 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease (largely heart attacks and strokes) and a 43 percent higher risk of cancer than those with smaller fat stores.
None of the fat depots were associated with all-cause mortality.
Even if the little brown fat depots in the neck turn on, "I was skeptical that it was enough to burn a lot of energy," he says.
Abdominal fat depots measured with computed tomography: effects of degree of obesity, sex, and age.