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Magnetic resonance signal characteristics of lipomas are quite specific; lipomas have high signal intensity on T1 and T2 weighted images and their signal are suppressed by fat suppression sequence and by this way cardiac MRI become diagnostic in this case.
Fat suppression is important in contrast-enhanced imaging of the breast because lesion identification in breast MRI relies upon the subtraction of pre- and postcontrast images.
Utilizing its patented RODEO(R) fat suppression technology, the Aurora provides greater detail about a lesion including distance, length/width, area, surface area, and volume without the distraction of fat tissue in the image.
To overcome this problem, various methods of fat suppression are used.
Fat suppression to differentiate enhancing tumors from fat.
Intended for use in breast care centers, Aurora is the only system cleared by the United States FDA solely for the imaging of breasts - fully-integrated and optimized to achieve high resolution bi-lateral breast imaging with fat suppression, as well as interventional procedures.
The mass lesion in between arrowheads shows typical fat suppression in coronal proton density fat supressed spin echo images (A), in T2Wspin echo fat suppressed coronal image (C), hyperintense in T2W spin echo coronal image (B), with mild enhancement of the intervening septae (yellow arrow), normal muscular enhancement (blue arrow) in T1W fat suppressed spin echo images(D).
The Aurora system has a proprietary magnet system that makes reliable bilateral fat suppression possible.
In fat saturated images the protocol was same as that of T2 weighted sequences except for the fat suppression option was selected.
Multiple hepatorenal angiomyolipomas: Diagnosis with fat suppression, gadolinium-enhanced MRI.
We'll be able to perform high-resolution bilateral fat suppression on both breasts simultaneously and fast enough to obtain dynamic enhancement patterns.