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For the most part, the cast rose to the occasion, including the likes of soprano Linda Roarke-Strummer as the evil Fata Morgana and Peter Strummer as the mean-spirited cook.
Unwins have increased the range in their catalogue with new varieties including Star Class: The bright yellow flecked with red Fata Morgana is the latest double flowered lily added to the range
One tiger appears out of nowhere during the slick Fata Morgana Super Magic Show.
So is it just a clever 3D projection, a fata morgana or perhaps a four-wheel 'objet d'art'?
But the two rides which are as wonderful as anything I have been on were Dreamflight - an enchanting trip through Fairyland- and a spectacular boat ride through the forbidden city of Fata Morgana.
PATMOS ET AUTRES POEMES collects previously unpublished texts, as well as texts that have been reworked since their original publication in various literary journals, including the NRF (1974, 1981, 1991), or in illustrated editions with Fata Morgana (1983) or Pierre-Alain Pingoud in Lausanne (1992), for example.
Saeco has unveiled Fata Morgana, a canister that vacuums and steams.
Fata Morgana is expected to be available for shipment in the mid- to late summer.
Before his death in 1991 Jabes arranged with Fata Morgana to publish a third and final Livre des marges, the volumes in which since the middle 1970s his occasional pieces were gathered.
As reported, Saeco USA's initial entry in floor-care is Fata Morgana 5000, a combination of bagless canister and steam cleaner.