fatal accident

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Dr Roger Nourish, head of the HSE's agriculture and food sector, said: 'From this year's figures we can see the majority of fatal accidents involving the self-employed were family farmers undertaking traditional agricultural activities.
One fatal accident, two accidents involving injuries and 15 accidents causing physical damage occurred in connection with the defects, the struggling truck maker said, adding three other vehicles caught fire.
This was Handicap International's first fatal accident in 10 years of humanitarian de-mining activities, the spokesman said.
proposes that fatal accident rates diminish over time as a result of skill development
Reason behind the fatal accident stated to be poor condition of the road.
They blamed the fatal accidents on projects which are being awarded to big contractors only.
Despin, a father of three who worked as a machinist at Saint-Gobain, was driving home from work and had dropped off a co-worker before the fatal accident.
HRH the Premier earlier instructed the foreign and health ministries to follow-up the aftermath of the fatal accident and ensure pilgrims and visitors all care and help them return home.
Summary: A five-member Emirati family escaped a fatal accident after their villa in Umm Ghafa locality went up in flames in the wee hours of Tuesday.
In the news release, Too Many Industrial Accidents in Oil Sector, USW Charges, issued 20-Apr-2010 by United Steelworkers (USW) over PR Newswire, we are advised by the organization that the fourth paragraph should read "There have been reports of four to five minor crane incidents at the expansion site before the fatal accident.
Air safety getting better, one fatal accident in 2009 US National Transportation Safety Board stated that US scheduled airlines operating under FAR Part 121 experienced just one fatal accident in 2009, the Colgan Airways/Continental Connection crash in which 50 persons died, according to preliminary safety statistics.
It reported that the fatal accident rate in 2009 was the best ratio ever recorded and noted that flying is "now about twice as safe as in the 1990s.