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Their new "Brother in Arms" initiative focuses on the fixing fatherless homes with targeted programs and practical skills for fathers of every age.
Set four years after the movie, it's 1986 and Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) the fatherless boy taken under the wing of a group of skinheads in the film, leaves school.
It turned out to be one of the most admired and popular British movies for many a moon, and Meadows realised there was more mileage in the tale of Shaun, a fatherless boy taken under the wing of a group of skinheads.
Fathers who don't realize the impact of their absence, and mothers uncertain of how to fill a father's shoes, will also find plenty of revelation in this hard-hitting account of growing up fatherless.
You are right when you talk about the tribulations a baby may face for being fatherless.
In 1901 and 1913, the disasters at the Universal Colliery claimed the lives of more than 500 men and boys, leaving 542 children fatherless and a community devastated in times of desperate economic need.
Cody, a fatherless Native American teenager just starting high school, dreams of using martial arts skills to defeat bad guys and become a hero, but the reality is that he's the target of bullies.
Dramatic, whimsical and packed with lively humour, this is a story revolving around Tom Bedlam, who grows up fatherless and poor in South London in the 1860s.
Charley Maplewood is friendless and fatherless as he prepares to celebrate his tenth birthday with a party.
The example closest to the Komodos', he says, is the occasional fatherless bird among turkeys.
It is such a relief to have Paul back, I could have been a widow and my children fatherless.
Under colonial American custom and law, apprenticeship was both a means by which one generation passed skilled crafts to the next and a means by which court-approved parental substitutes raised poor, and especially fatherless, children.