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This strategic summit of global leaders November 4-6 tackles the worldwide epidemic of male identity, fatherlessness and feminized masculinity, by addressing strategies such as global training, leadership coaching, prison outreach, and mentoring for young men.
In addition, a second, well documented consequence of fatherlessness is also related to the well-being of the children.
In addition, in prior generations and centuries, the death of a father was either a plurality or majority of the causes of fatherlessness.
Given that these ills justify almost all domestic government spending, fatherlessness has resulted in a huge expansion of state power.
For example, Heidi Nabert of the National Shared Parenting Association stated in the Association's submission to Canada's Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access that "[s]tatistical information backs up the high cost of fatherlessness or father absence.
Is there any relationship between increased rates of fatherlessness and the fact that many people now spend their twenties in an unsettled state?
We have a duty of care to our kids to address the elephant in the room that is mass fatherlessness and the catastrophic consequences it has on our children.
The effect of fatherlessness on children is deeply alarming.
Horn himself, along with other advocates for fatherhood and marriage, has assembled impressive and unrefuted documentation that connects fatherlessness with virtually every major social pathology today, including violent crime, truancy and scholastic failure, substance abuse, unwed pregnancy, and teen suicide (Horn and Sylvester 2002).
A contemporary concern in Tenderwire is fatherlessness.
As Roland Warren, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, describes it, fatherlessness begets fatherlessness.
Aims were to determine a correlation between fatherlessness and psychological abuse, and marriage and psychological abuse.