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Justin Coe is a performance poet and I can see that many of these poems would make an audience smile or nod in recognition of familiar fatherly traits.
He ended up cramming a lifetime's worth of fatherly advice into one month.
During interrogation, he claimed that it was a fatherly kiss because she was scared when she entered the elevator.
Bahrain Society for Tolerance and Religious Co-existence President and members extended sincere thanks and gratitude for fatherly care and support, lauding his directives to promote voluntary work and peace in the kingdom.
al-Huraibi also pointed out that the great popular reaction that prevailed in the different parts of the Sultanate is an expression of paying back to the fatherly leader who have been dedicated over the past 45 years to the development of the Omani man.
Smith, an Anglican Parish Priest based in Australia, says that today minds of the youth are tools in the hands of western politicians and systems, but the fatherly tone of Iranian leader's letter to the younger generation can put an end to the West's indoctrination plot.
Bruce Jenner is keeping up with his fatherly duties with the Kardashian kids despite filing for a mutually agreed divorce with their mother, Kris Jenner.
Nayak, the chief investigating officer in the case, was immediately removed from the probe team after pictures of his fatherly behaviour with the main accused flooded in the media.
It will also give you a very special moment of fatherly reflection together.
London, Apr 23 ( ANI ): Manchester United player-coach Ryan Giggs has admitted that he might lose his temper and snap at the players, even though he generally feels fatherly towards them.
Prolactin is often thought of as a "female hormone" because it promotes breastfeeding, but it's a hormone known in animals and encourages fatherly care throughout the animal kingdom - prolactin is a love hormone.
The PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has said former President, Olusegun Obasanjo s fatherly aura and experience in politics were still required by the party.