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Fatidic horse heads, vignetted in ovals at the corners, suggest military authority.
Although Aoun served as Prime Minister from September 22, 1988 to October 13, 1990, when two rival governments contended for power at the height of the civil war, his "Liberation War" against Syrian occupation; subsequent flight to France that meant abandoning hundreds of unarmed soldiers and civilians who were mauled down by Damascus; anti-Sunni positions after the 2005 withdrawal of Syrian troops that allowed him to return to Lebanon; his fatidic 2006 Memorandum of Understanding with Hezbollah; and a controversial 2009 visit to Syria at the invitation of the BaaACAyath regime; all sealed his fate.
And in their infatuation with arcane words (isbas, frass, acreana, fatidic, rcemes) and long sentences, they often seem like a lexicographer's ravings.