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The fatigue strength of AISI 4340 steel was raised up to 91% by the process of ion nitriding [53].
Also, nitriding is one of the basic methods for increasing fatigue strength of metals [4-7].
To help operators and inspectors increase the fatigue strength of new structures or repair or upgrade existing structures, Haagensen (structural engineering, Norwegian U.
According to Olszewski, CGI offers 75% higher strength, 45% higher stiffness and twice the fatigue strength of gray iron, so engine designers are able to put more engine performance into a smaller package, which translates into reduced weight and better fuel economy.
u]) is the ratio of fatigue strength at 5 million cycles over the static tensile strength.
Petra Endurance Enhanced glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polyester resins, offering the combination of fatigue strength and quality surface appearance that is said to have been previously unavailable in compounds having high glass reinforcement contents, reportedly provide fatigue strengths 10 to 15 times higher than those of other reinforced thermoplastic polyesters.
There are three methods to improve fatigue strength of materials.
With high elasticity and fatigue strength, the material may be compressed repeatedly, returning to its original shape and thickness with ease.
Effect of inclusion on subsurface crack initiation and gigacycle fatigue strength.
Ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) is a method utilized for enhancing the fatigue strength of the fabricated structure and a welded joints.
As the interlaminar strength is depend on the strength of matrix between fiber tows, the presence of the interlaminar voids may has an impact on the interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) and fatigue strength, which can be investigated in future study.