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f], is defined in the present study as the ratio of fatigue strength of unwelded ([S.
3) It is assumed that fatigue strength coefficient is numerically equal to the true fracture stress, and the fatigue strain coefficient can be assumed as the total strain at fracture.
5) Considering static strength, buckling load factor, and fatigue strength, it was found that the fatigue strength of the connecting rod is the most significant and the driving factor in the design and optimization of connecting rod.
Fatigue strength is defined as the maximum flexural stress at which the beam can withstand two million cycles of non-reversed fatigue loading.
Static, impact, and fatigue strength tests ([section]8 in the ANSI/RESNA wheelchair standards) evaluate the strength of the wheelchair structure by applying different types of loads on specific components.
Strength and durability design of upholstered furniture frames, to satisfy performance standards such as GSA performance test regimen, requires information regarding fatigue strength properties of their components.
Where we score, though, is in our extrusion process--the high cycle fatigue of an extruded shaft as we make it in titanium 834, our number-one high-temperature titanium material that gives at least a 30% gain in high-cycle fatigue strength compared to the same material with the hot-roll process.
Microstructure: Hot rolling leads to a more homogeneous and finer microstructure, improved strength and corrosion fatigue strength.
Such optimization sought to minimize weight and manufacturing costs while maintaining or improving fatigue strength of the component by targeting geometry, material and manufacturing parameters.