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The new rules require that all meat include a label indicating the Member State or third country it was produced in as well as the country where it was fattened.
In the Old Residency, a prefabricated building transported from England in 1884 to house the then British governor and now the Calabar Museum, there is a series of black-and-white photographs of fattened Efik women with enormous, pendulous breasts and large pot-bellies.
The Book of Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible advises: 'Better a dish of vegetables if love goes with it, than a fattened ox eaten amid hatred.
Member States will be authorised to establish a regulatory fund for pig farmers whose pigs are fattened in their territory.
And from an advertisement, "Ever fantasize about being fattened into massive, waddling proportions or about becoming a fattening coach who balloons an eager trainee into a waddling ball of fat?
Beauty Buffet: In the city of Calabar in Southern Nigeria, girls that are of age to marry are fattened from six months to a year because it makes them more desirable to a husband.
The Thirty Nine (39) recipients will avail one head of cattle to be fattened for a maximum of 120 days with two (2) fattening cycles in a year.
Generally, Hanwoo has been fattened until almost 30 months of age to improve meat quality through marbling in Korea.
Under a project of fattening farm operations, at present 2162 feedlot fattening farms are in operation, where currently 22,887 beef animals and 40,853 mutton animals are being fattened for increasing the meat production in the country, the sources said.
The only winners are the stars, who have fattened their bank accounts, and Tarantino, who again looks like a genius by comparison.
Bring the steer to where it will be fattened and do so.
To rule out the possibility that the carp fattened up simply because each individual had more food after the pike reduced their numbers, Bronmark and Miner conducted a second experiment in the laboratory.