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32) Gerber and colleagues reported that postoperative subscapularis insufficiency appears to be lessened with lesser tuberosity osteotomy; however, increases in fatty infiltration were seen in 49% patients and failure and weakness to belly press in 11% of patients.
Since volume atrophy and fatty infiltration occur highly asymmetrically--especially in the supraspinatus due to the disproportionate biomechanical changes when anterior tendon fibers are torn--both qualifiers should always be evaluated and mentioned.
4 weight ([double dagger]) (g) Heavy fatty infiltration 11 (52.
To minimize the effect of existing fatty infiltration on the baseline ALT, additional analyses were performed by excluding participants with incident NAFLD that occurred during the first 1 or 2 years of follow-up (Table 1).
More rarely, hepatic fatty infiltration with hepatomegaly, abnormal results of liver function tests and pathologic evidence of hepatocellular damage can be found.
1) Presbylaryngis develops from degeneration and fatty infiltration of the thyroarytenoid muscle and overlying structures.
11) In patients with combined defects, the transfers have resulted in improved external rotation, independent of teres minor fatty infiltration.
Diffuse fatty infiltration of the RV wall was clearly visible.
Fatty infiltration of the liver: Quantification with phasecontrast MR imaging at 1.