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It was a clumsily choreographed step meant to create the impression of even-handedness but only revealing the utter fatuity of the proceedings.
After my brother was born, my parents decided they wanted us to grow up knowing our fatuity and culture, so we moved back to India.
The inimitable novelist, Martin Amis, is amusing in this context--'let's not forget that worldwide fatuity, 'www', which cuts three syllables down to nine'--The Second Plane (London: Jonathan Cape, 2008) 195.
According to Ensor, polite discourse is a facade that misdirects citizens away from any reckoning with the fatuity and brutality of their myths.
Three varietals of French wine from Boisser Fatuity Estates are the first in the U.
Almost all can be worked on a part-time basis, but they might become a full-time income source for a spouse or other member of the fatuity.
These amusing place-names emphasize the premise that curates might be associated with bland fatuity and excessive mildness.
an individual right to contract, certainly as to one's labor, as the Thirteenth Amendment makes clear; adding that the fault of Lochner lay in its fatuity in not understanding the effect on a contract of unequal bargaining power).
May I respectfully submit that the overwhelming dictatorial vote of the current left wing influence would not be geared up to run our agricultural backwater in our great county, with its diverse requirements, as well as struggling with a proven fatuity, the Euro enigma?
Matthews dashed off one final paean (titled "Forward, With Fidel, Anywhere") and then resigned to write a series of books which made up for their paucity of readers with their abundance of fatuity.
At the urging of the Budget Committee, the Bar Board of Governors has amended two standing board policies, one to help sections and the other to help law school fatuity who want to become affiliate Bar members.