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Then, Vaughan was lbw pushing forward faultily at Rana.
First-innings centurion Ian Bell was not the man to salvage the situation either, the third to go without scoring when he sparred a catch behind off Shoaib, and then Vaughan himself went lbw pushing forward faultily at Rana.
Criminal liability should be imposed only for wrongs that are faultily committed, whether or not the fault in question is a constituent of the wrong (that is, whether or not the wrong in question is fault-anticipating).
To receive further confirmation that the decision to go to war was based on faulty - and faultily presented - intelligence is a bitter pill to swallow, especially for those who have lost relatives and friends in the conflict.
Smollett, of course, sees Methodism as overly self-obsessed and faultily invested in seeing the divine in ordinary experience, yet he does not deny the reality of Winifred Jenkins' flutters--he merely charges her with misreading them.