faulty reasoning

See: fallacy
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So warped by faulty reasoning was the criminal mind of Rokoff's lieutenant that he could not grasp the real truth of that which lay between himself and the ape-man and see that always the fault had been, not with the English lord, but with himself and his confederate.
Robert McNamara was generally regarded as a very intelligent person whose faulty reasoning led him, and the country, into error.
Damer (philosophy, Emory and Henry College) shows students how to attack faulty reasoning and support their beliefs and actions with good reasons.
The pre-emptive invasion of Iraq by the US was a gross error in judgement based on faulty reasoning.
Chapters allow an opportunity to organize thoughts and spot faulty reasoning, providing assessments of behavior and attitudes and underlying motives and logic.
This is not only faulty reasoning but in this day and age doubts the integrity and loyalty of our Muslims.
Another type of faulty reasoning, "hindsight bias," occurs when leaders or managers make decisions based on how well employees have performed in the past rather than evaluating how well they could support the organization's mission in the future.
A proposed standard is presumed "good to go" unless stakeholders can convincingly demonstrate that the standards setter got its facts wrong, overlooked relevant information, made unrealistic assumptions, and/or employed faulty reasoning.
The assumption that because there is already one unfair business tax, that of double taxation on Subchapter S corporations, that it makes sense to add the same faulty reasoning and the same double taxation to an LLC is faulty logic.
In the domain of international affairs we have been led, on the basis of similar faulty reasoning, to accept the idea that Saddam Hussein was working hand in hand with al-Qaeda.
Book characters may at times make poor choices that are the result of faulty reasoning.
Hahn and Wiker attempt to strip the argument of its rhetoric so they can examine more closely the faulty reasoning.