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Americans' current positive attitudes toward Japan are widespread, as the vast majority of Americans over the past two years have had a favorable view of the country, regardless of age, gender, income, education or political views.
La actitud hacia "Los principios eticos se aplican como reglas para tomar decisiones" fue muy favorable y favorable para 79% de los docentes, y desfavorable y muy desfavorable para 19%.
To date, no direct comparison has been made between favorable intermediate-risk and low-risk prostate cancer with respect to PCSM or ACM following brachytherapy.
Please tell whether you have a favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or unfavorable opinion of following institutions?
The hypothetical nature of the workshop might explain why very favorable attitudes and norms predicted less-favorable intentions.
And least favorable was that the hospital does not offer physicians the opportunity to participate in joint ventures, rating between 14 percent and 21 percent "does well.
Best attributes the more favorable ratings to four factors:
Supreme Court recognized that fundamental notions of fairness and due process within the meaning of the 5th and 14th amendments require the government to provide evidence favorable to the defense.
Whereas people with low overall self-esteem sought an unfavorable analysis of their limitations when given the chance, they sought favorable information about their strengths.
By contrast, courts are not as impressed with revenue rulings as they are with case law unless, of course, the ruling is favorable to a taxpayer.
Her favorable rating has fallen five percentage points since June to a new low of 36%, while her unfavorable rating has hit a new high of 61%.