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Investment in the region s infrastructure, proximity to Marcellus Shale, and location along the Northeast corridor contribute to a favorable position to serve energy markets.
The Mustangs have a critical doubleheader at second-place Point Loma Nazarene today, possibly needing a split to keep themselves in favorable position.
We've earned a favorable position among our distributors because of our aggressive price strategy," Cook concluded.
Bluesocket's solid product portfolio and customer base, along with its growth numbers in 2006, put the company in a favorable position to benefit from this industry trend.
Arguably, taxpayers in this situation will not be using hindsight, because they have not yet filed a return and should not be put in a less favorable position than similarly situated taxpayers that have not yet filed a copy of Form 3115 with the IRS National Office.
Joseph Kennedy (D-MA)--224 indicated a favorable position on the Special Occupational Tax issue, with seven saying they would "help" on the issue, and two offering to write letters in support of NBWA's position.
We are also now in a much more favorable position to seek any additional financing we may require to fuel our growth.
The notice also indicates that, to be consistent with the policy of encouraging voluntary compliance with proper tax accounting principles, the agent will not initiate an accounting method change if the change places the taxpayer in a more favorable position.
But others without the experience, he said, aren't in such a favorable position.
Now that we possess a substantial viewing audience we are in a more favorable position to negotiate our rates for commercials with higher echelon ad agencies as well as corporate sponsors directly.
Developers that have received explicit IRS consent for a prior more favorable position may continue to use that position (i.
Operating earnings are anchored by its very strong franchise in the Canadian market, along with a favorable position in the U.