favorable prospect

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But Worcester's leaders need to stop kidding themselves: A city that cannot show business bean counters a favorable prospect when tax day rolls around is a city that will fall further and further behind its suburban neighbors.
The possibility of having to tap ratepayers for more money to fund tardy acquisitions can't be viewed as a favorable prospect for CAW.
Overtime loomed, not a favorable prospect for a South Eugene football team using a wide receiver at quarterback.
If there are efficiencies of operation, like delivery, and I believe there will be, then this is a favorable prospect.
The author is particularly critical of recent versions of evolutionary ethics as fatally flawed because of violations of the naturalistic fallacy; but he projects a more favorable prospect for the application of evolutionary thinking to environmental issues and to health care.
Embraer holds a favorable prospect for the demand for jets with up to 120 seats based on a comprehensive analysis, including how versatile business applications of 61 to 120-seat jets capture the market, by replacing older jets, optimizing fleet structure and helping airlines explore new markets with lower risk.
Log characteristics indicate the Viola Lime is a highly favorable prospect, in comparing log results to other oil prolific wells in the Viola formation.
With luxury-level shock absorbers and an exceedingly powerful amount of horsepower, the 2015 Altima, in its five models, remains a highly favorable prospect.
The favorable prospect for continued rapid tax base growth and the strong voter support for the bonds moderate the credit impact to the district's debt profile.
SCP manages over $850 million of capital and is focused on distinctive and proprietary situations where there is a sustainable advantage, predictable cash flow and favorable prospect for growth.
BIPV System in Retrofit Projects: Favorable Prospects in Store II-51
Bumov underscored that the outsourcing sector in Bulgaria was facing favorable prospects and registering growth.