favorable reception

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The first part, based on his diaries from 1954 (Egy csinos zseni, 1996), became a best seller; its continuation, Santa szabadsag (Lame Freedom), now deals with the years 1955-57 and will, no doubt, find a similarly favorable reception among Hungarian readers.
The score and libretto appeared in 1883, but despite a favorable reception, it seems that the work never reached the stage.
With the State Department already facing budget cutbacks, the GAO's April 1996 report met with a less than favorable reception.
10) The exceedingly favorable reception of his views remains unequaled to this day, and it is not difficult to find echoes of his interpretation even in the latest works of young historians.
In their cover letter to the bishops they expressed confidence that the bishops "will do everything possible to ensure its distribution and favorable reception, taking particular care that, above all on the part of theologians, pastors of souls, and religious, ambiguous and contrary positions will not again be proposed.
According to Ditzhazy, Thompson got a favorable reception when she raised the possibility of "trying" figures like Lloyd Bentsen, Janet Reno, and the Clintons.
A credible program of fiscal restraint that moves the government's finances to a sounder footing almost surely will find a favorable reception in financial markets.
59) that the composer need not have felt that way because he had his own successes (and for Dickinson, "successes" seems to involve a favorable reception by the public, not the aesthetic quality of a work).
The Bridge Report calls attention to recent positive factors including favorable reception of new products in the approach to Christmas, the introduction of highly profitable original products, the launch of "Nintendo Wii U", and a bottoming in card games.
We are extremely pleased with this replenishment purchase order as it indicates the favorable reception we are receiving in Russia, the second largest rail network in the world," said Steve Silverman, President and CEO of AXION.
It has had a very favorable reception since its official release,” said Jason Hsu, product manager of QNAP systems, Inc.
Still, a company in the right industry that has a profitable business model aren't the only two elements that may induce a favorable reception on Wall Street.