favorably disposed

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References in classic literature ?
Though he expected that the story of his escapade would be already known in Moscow and that the ladies about his father- who were never favorably disposed toward him- would have used it to turn the count against him, he nevertheless on the day of his arrival went to his father's part of the house.
But Rodney could never resist making trial of the sympathies of any one who seemed favorably disposed, and Denham's praise had stimulated his very susceptible vanity.
I cannot say that I was favorably disposed toward that attachment at the time," replied Miss Garth.
At that time, voters in both parties were more favorably disposed than they were in the more recent survey: 43 percent of Republicans gave the FBI favorable marks, while 35 percent of Republicans said their opinions were unfavorable.
In this regard, what the latest surveys may be portraying for us is a Filipino public that, after one year, remains favorably disposed toward Mr.
I think we're going to be very favorably disposed," Trump joked about their meeting: "I'll tell him about  North Korea  and he'll tell me about lemons," he said
President Donald Trump's Middle East envoy held his first talks on Tuesday with Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, amid Palestinian concerns that the new administration in Washington is more favorably disposed towards Israel.
With the public engaged by the campaign but not favorably disposed toward the two major-party candidates, it is unclear whether high interest in the election will result in high turnout, or whether the current low regard for the candidates will lead to low turnout in November.
These are typical arguments of many Democrats, hence the generalization that Republicans are more favorably disposed toward the current system.
Most (87%) of the surveyed primary care physicians and 82% of the cardiologists were favorably disposed to the campaign and the notion of physician education programs to address practice gaps in women's heart risk assessment.
The Minister said that he will not be favorably disposed in supporting the No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister as no decision regarding matter was taken up in the appropriate SLFP forum.
The Air Force was not favorably disposed to morphing the F-111 into a strategic bomber replacement.