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Favoritism towards relatives of government officials in university placements
com community shares common experiences with each other online and has identified specific tools to help break down the barriers of favoritism in families.
Despite these ethical principles and the existence of the Convention, allegations of discrimination or favoritism sometimes surface in education (Milliyet, 7 October 2006).
Getting rid of earmarks won't end political favoritism in Washington, D.
Private economic favoritism may be frustrating to foreigners, and it may have an illegitimate racial dimension.
In the first case of its kind, the California Supreme Court has ruled that widespread sexual favoritism in the workplace can create a hostile workplace environment.
Under this burden of proof, the court said, an isolated instance of favoritism would not constitute sexual harassment.
Lest he be accused of favoritism, Ben-Ner trains the spotlight on his daughter in Elia--a story of an ostrich chick, 2003, a spoof on Disneyfied nature documentaries.
Druyun admitted favoritism toward the company because Boeing hired her daughter and son-in-law and eventually herself.
You're All My Favorites is gentle story of love and favoritism evolves with a simple, warming message.
From a hyper-focus on testing children that ignores real problems with public education--Bush's own home state of Texas has an abysmal graduation and college attendance rate, partly in due to pressures to have substandard achievers drop out rather than bring down test scores--to the lies surrounding the war in Iraq, to how much warning the Bush administration had before the 9/11 attacks, to the overwhelming array of tax favoritism for the wealthy in Bush fiscal policy and more, You're Not Stupid
Nevertheless, Chalmers believes that the course of the country is set: He doesn't think that its citizens will more to regain control of the Congress, eliminate favoritism toward special interests, nor slow the militarization of U.