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Older does drop more fawns and are generally better mothers.
That region has a late whitetail rut, so my hunt was timed for roughly a month after the fawns had been born.
Predation is highest during the first week after birth, when fawns are largely sedentary and most vulnerable.
When I was in graduate school during the late 80s and early 90s, I never heard a lecture about predator control being a technique to improve fawn survival.
Even though some fawns die annually, it is the norm in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.
Not long after the fawns are able to run, the pronghorn migrate to the mountains.
We captured fawns using methods described by Ballard et al.
Even when fawns are plentiful, whenever bucks, does and fawns congregate around a deer feeder, the bucks are at the top of the pecking order, the does second and the fawns get pushed around by everyone else," he said.
The fact that this fawn survived what happened to her mother is unbelievable.
In an effort to introduce some pizzazz to the experience, Keith came up with the idea of bringing in the scantily clad fawns.
These intervals were June-September (parturition and caring for young fawns for females and antler growth and weight gain for males), October-November (breeding), and December-May (winter-spring foraging, advancing pregnancy and recovery from breeding activities).