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Specializing in feature film, he worked as a VFX supervisor and producer on "Run Lola Run," "Princess and Warrior," "Enemy at the Gates," "The Musketeer," "The Pianist," as well as upcoming films "Southland Tales," "Blood and Chocolate.
Founded in 1993, Digital Domain is an award-winning full-service digital studio and production company that creates special visual effects and other visual imagery for feature films, commercials and music videos.
color) Tom Ardolino is the owner of Frame of Mind Pictures, a custom framing business in Glendale that he hopes to parlay into a feature films company.
Calling A Century of Canadian Cinema: Gerald Pratley's Feature Film Guide, 1900 to the Present eccentric would be giving new meaning to the word.
Imported feature film hours percentage by day part in 2011
Historically, when labor contracts are due to be negotiated, feature film production has more of a tendency to remain local and to begin earlier in the year in case there is a work stoppage, industry sources said.
The first independent feature film directed by a woman in Quebec, La Vie revee is Mireille Dansereau's cinematic declaration of independence for Quebecoise women, long marginalized in the province's culture and politics, both before and after the Quiet Revolution.
Public Media Works' 2005 film "Carpool Guy" has an ensemble cast of leading daytime drama stars in a feature film marketed directly to the daytime television audience.
The EIDC's monthly report, which compiles production activity outside studio lots, showed that 629 production days were recorded for feature films during June, five days more than in May and 15 more days than in June 2002.
Following four months of online voting, Fylmz Festival officials today announced its 20 Feature Film Online Champions and its 40 Short Film Festival Invitees.
The EIDC pointed out that overall feature film production for the first four months of this year is still 10 percent ahead of 2002 figures.
City Lights Pictures is in development on "Interrupted," a feature film adapted from legendary director Nicholas Ray's posthumous autobiography, "I Was Interrupted," to be directed by Philip Kaufman.