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Featured teachers: Irene Sharp, Hans Boepple, Sheila Browne, David Tcimpidis and Milan Vitek.
Featured teachers: Arkady Fomin, Vadim Gluzman, Ann Marie Roeske, Christopher Adkins and Jesus Castro-Balbi.
The Polyblaster blast cabinet is featured in a two-page, four-color bulletin.
Featured teachers: Tony Maiello, Lynne Gackle, Pam Perry, Lily Levinovitz and Tom Rudolph.
Featured teachers: Wayne Kirby, Michelle Rouche, Ted Conner and Mark Thacker.
The company's seven ingredient carbon black automatic batching system is featured in a one-page bulletin.
Custom-engineered drying solutions, products and services are featured in the company's 16-page, four-color brochure.
Featured teachers: Louise McClelland, John Barcellona, Greg Hopkins, Russell Guyver and Linda Wang.
Featured teachers: Daniel Schmidt, Nola Jones, Edith Copley and Darko Butorac.
Wig-Wag Stackers, used to handle rubber strips and slabs in the tire and rubber industry, are featured in a four-color, two-page product bulletin.
Featured teachers: Gemma Arguelles, Judith Harryanyi, Erzsebet Hegyi, Anne Laskey and Fran Smith.