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The first spectra of this planet also were featureless, but indicated GJ 1214b's atmosphere was dominated by water vapor or hydrogen, with high-altitude clouds.
BEIRUT: A man dressed in nondescript grey clothing stands in a featureless beige room.
Do you want to halt this wave of destruction before this town degenerates into a characterless sprawl of featureless developments or do you want to hide and continue arguing with each other?
It was, in truth, a scrappy and featureless first half, with the few chances that were created going to Port Talbot.
It was a great featureless region of few resources and little strategic value, hosting a mishmash of minor campaigns undertaken by quarrelsome, second-rate generals.
He also notes the unique problems that arise when people try to navigate a disorienting, featureless desert and take notes and samples while wearing 50-to-70-pound space suits.
forces get to Iraq and Afghanistan, they're finding dry, featureless terrain with no real landmarks or points of reference to use when they travel across these wide-open and often dangerous landscapes.
More successful is the two-faced vertical "portrait" painting Janus, 2005, in which a stylized desert plant rendered in creamy yellow, pink, and acid green also reveals itself as a brushy gestural head contained by a thick, cartoonish black outline; the ambiguous gender of the featureless head mirrors the playful disruption of genre expectations engendered by conflating portrait and landscape.
But on the one night when we were moving, I also enjoyed waking to peer out on the featureless landscape of the Great Salt Lake Desert in northwestern Utah, softly lit by a quarter moon.
For the past 19 years over 25,000 boheminas have gathered in a remote northern Nevada desert to invent a surreal city for a week on a featureless salt flat 120 miles outside Reno.
From the outset, the authors emphasize the technological importance of the Global Positioning System (GPS), which enabled cruise missiles to hit their targets with accuracy and gave US armored forces the ability to navigate the featureless terrain during Operation Desert Storm.
As we flew at 500 feet over featureless terrain, our radar warning receiver lit up, signifying the presence of aircraft looking for us.