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Ingram's illustration resists sentimental readings of the poem's Black Christ trope while recapitulating, in its featurelessness, the infinite repeatability of racist violence.
30 Aristotle was certainly influenced on this point by Plato's arguments in the Timaeus for the featurelessness of the [Greek Text Omitted], which would otherwise obscure the sensibles coming to be in it (50d2-e4, cf.
would reflect most of the sunlight striking it) and its featurelessness.
Each object has been given a different surface treatment--marble, wood grain, chrome--but is otherwise akin to a newly manufactured showroom dummy in its smoothed-over, rounded-off featurelessness.
Complexity and organization can emerge from featurelessness and chaos, "negentropic islands" from the "entropic sea," "pockets of local orders in rising entropy" (Serres, p.
Local featurelessness is overcome by a prevailing element of surprise and the festive spirit of an artificial topography that embodies an inventive use of materials.