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One of the most worrying calls is to young children suffering febrile convulsions and is the highest priority for ambulance crew.
Odds ratio for iron deficiency anaemia being risk factor for febrile convulsion is 1.
Another study conducted by Daoud et al18 showed that children having febrile convulsions had low serum ferritin level when compared to those having febrile illness without convulsions.
For each subject bilateral hippocampal signal intensities, age, duration of epilepsy, interictal EEG lateralization, received AEDs, response to AEDs, and history of febrile convulsion were evaluated and summarized in Table 1.
Finally, doctors told us Savannah had a virus which had made her temperature shoot up, and had thrown her into a fit called a febrile convulsion.
Sky was taken to hospital where it turned out she'd had a febrile convulsion, due to a high temperature from an ear infection.
Febrile convulsion is the most common seizure type in childhood and central nervous system infection should be excluded during diagnosis.
It is important to differentiate a febrile convulsion from acute symptomatic seizures secondary to central nervous system infection or seizures triggered by fever in children with epilepsy.
6%), but when they were, the most common were chronic suppurative otitis media, meningitis, febrile convulsion, measles, and trauma.