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The differential diagnosis for a febrile convulsion is highlighted in Box 2; it is important that the clinician takes a proper history to establish the diagnosis (Prasad, 2009; Srinivasan, 2005).
This article reviews the pharmacodynamics of AVP and addresses the role of AVP during fever, including its role during dehydration and fever, its interaction with antipyretic drugs, and its neuromodulator role during febrile convulsions.
Conclusion: Our findings do not support the hypothesis that febrile convulsion is related to reduced serum zinc concentration, thus necessitating further studies involving larger sample sizes in order to understand the role of zinc in the pathogenesis of febrile convulsion.
They kept an eye on Rosie for 48 hours, monitored her for a year afterwards just to make sure there were no further febrile convulsions and now she's a healthy 16-year-old.
The most important intervention for a febrile convulsion is to lower the temperature.
If, despite all this, your child has a febrile convulsion, don't panic.
During followup, he experienced two episodes of febrile convulsion and acute tonsillitis.
They later told me Dermot had suffered a febrile convulsion and had actually been in a coma.
If, despite these measures, your child has a febrile convulsion, don't panic.