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Differences in fecundity of same-sized primiparous and multiparous individuals have been reported for some, but not all, crab species.
The correlation between concentration of 20E used for treatment and food consumption, duration of each instar, weight gain of larvae, weight of pupae, fecundity of females, number of eggs deposited on the treated leaves, as well as the development of eggs deposited by the treated parent adults were analyzed by linear regression analysis using the SPSS 11.
The objectives of our study were to access the possible reproductive strategies employed by Alabama shad and to estimate fecundity.
It was observed that lipids play an important role as stored energy that can affect fecundity, oocyte quality, and larval viability (Wiegand, 1996; Lambert et al.
We saw that maternal larval diets higher in protein increased the overall fecundity of the adult mother, the number of eggs she produced, and also had a beneficial effect on the next generation, the F1 generation of offspring," Dr.
Batch fecundity (BF), or the number of oocytes released in a single spawning event, was estimated by the gravimetric hydrated oocyte method (Hunter et al.
Predictor variables included mean number of leaflets on the youngest, fully expanded leaf, proportion of adults that were reproductive, and fecundity.
In addition, interannual differences in length-specific fecundity of the Norwegian spring spawning herring were explained by variation in weight-at-length, that is higher fecundity of spawners in better condition (Oskarsson et al.
In the current study, we were interested in finding out whether these anti-sandfly-saliva antibodies have any effect on the fecundity and mortality of laboratory-bred P.
The overall lambing, multiple birth and fecundity rates recorded following estrous synchronization was 75.
Naturally women are older when they stop contraception than when they started, and age has an effect on fecundity.