federal officer

See: marshal
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At the fork of the road, a little to one side, they found two bodies lying close together--that of a Federal officer and that of a Confederate private.
Conaway, 50, was charged on a two-count indictment with making a false threat to detonate an explosive device and with trying to influence a federal officer by threat.
A man who posed as a sky marshal aboard an American Airlines flight has been charged with impersonating a federal officer.
Although Philip Morris is a participant in a regulated industry, this is not enough to demonstrate that it acted under the direction of a federal officer when it designed its light cigarettes and elected to market them as low in tar and nicotine.
Ironically, despite the language proclaiming the importance of protecting law enforcement officers from overzealous prosecutors, the Horiuchi majority resolved the questions of Supremacy Clause immunity from criminal liability in favor of Idaho, not the federal officer.
A federal officer suspected that Kyllo was growing marijuana in his home.
Fateiger, 36, a current Fitchburg resident, was sentenced in federal court last week for falsely impersonating a federal officer and making false statements to federal agents.
In the United States, murder and assault are state crimes, not federal crimes (except when a federal officer is the victim), so the hate crime charge has been used to bring in federal law enforcement where it normally would have no jurisdiction.
The AAG submitted that no direction could be passed to federal government to appoint a federal officer for launching a complaint under Article 6.
Gerardo Hernandez, 39, became the first TSA officer in the agency's 12-year history to be killed in the line of duty; Paul Ciancia pleaded not guilty to 11 federal charges, including murder of a federal officer.
The 23-year-old suspect faces a possible death penalty on charges of murdering a federal officer.

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