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With his case yet to be decided over in America, a clearly unamused George could only manage the feeblest of comic comebacks.
IT seems to happen every day in a film or on TV, there's always someone getting free drink for the feeblest of reasons but in real life it just doesn't happen.
Where Surrey lad Casey has finished 11th at Lomond, ninth at the K Club and 13th at Slaley Hall, Jacquelin has blotted his copybook with some of his feeblest golf of the year, missing the weekend in Dublin and featuring a long way down the also-rans, in 68th and 41st, in the other two tournaments.
Shortly after the feeblest rendition of the finest national anthem ever offered to the human throat (the recording of Hen Wlad Fy N'Hadau on the public address system was pitched so high that it was manageable only by sopranos, from whom I do not exclude the Welsh forwards), Wales came on with their supposedly strong opening statement.
Here, Murs serves up enforced jollity, inoffensive pining and some of the feeblest reggae ever recorded.
Wearing a broad smile and a psychedelic tie, David can get away with the feeblest of jokes (I particularly remember one about a policeman wearing a flamboyant jacket which was just a routine check) and has been a driving force in the North-East arts and corporate world for a number of years.
City midfielder Graham Kavanagh had a clear view of Smith's goal on the stroke of half-time but he unleashed the feeblest of shots which Smith easily gathered.
After all, just wanting to be happy may be the hardest human state to achieve, yet, expressed as a goal, it seems the feeblest.
All the signs as we read them suggest that the match that will decide the feeblest side in the Championship (I repeat: discounting Italy) will be the one between Wales and Scotland at the Millennium Stadium on the evening of April 6.
IT'S anybody's guess what will happen when the feeblest forward line in Division One faces one of the section's most soft-centred defences at Gresty Road tonight.
But on this feeblest of technicalities it is dropped.