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Effects of sumac powder and protexin on feed intake, body weight gain and feed conversion ratio are presented in Table 2.
05) to incremental BPM in feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion in the 84 days of experiment.
Commercial functions regularly report improved death rates, retarded developement, reduction of feed conversion rates and lameness in older birds.
It has been well documented that the growth performance and feed conversion ratio of the broilers are influenced by dietary supplementation with fat (Sahito et al.
Eblex senior livestock scientist Dr Mary Vickers said: "Although substantial, this is dwarfed by the estimated PS25 to PS30 cost to the farm of each case of liver fluke in cattle resulting from lower growth rates, lower feed conversion efficiencies and higher levels of mortality.
No significant differences were observed in the final weight and feed conversion ratio of the birds on all the dietary treatments.
Parameters measured were feed consumption, live weight and weight gain, feed conversion ratio, feeding cost for the production of one kg live weight, carcass yields, proportions of different analysed parts and the creatinine level in the chickens' serum.
Since we grow and slaughter our broilers ourselves, we have much to gain from the improved broiler performance of our chicks in terms of daily weight gain, liveability and feed conversion.
1 million grant to BioDiem, an Australian biopharmaceutical development company working on a non-antibiotic antimicrobial, to enhance growth and feed conversion in chickens.