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Optional equipment includes mild steel feed hopper liner plates, four-ply product belt, single idler belt weigher fitted to the main product conveyor and a camera mounted over the crusher mouth.
The Coax line also has a buffer effect, which allows materials of different sizes to be fed into the feed hopper directly and discontinuously.
If the vertical height is unavailable we will need to use a vacuum transfer which will automatically maintain the level of the powder in the feed hopper.
diam, installed at a 35 [degrees] angle, and transports material 17 ft to the feed hopper.
The machine is operator friendly with a low level feed hopper and light weight hand nozzle, making it perfect for positioning the product accurately where needed.
Extra-large feed chute, oversize feed hopper and extra-large charging chamber and hydraulic cylinder included
Featuring automatic feeding that significantly reduces the risk of blockage by regulating how much material is accepted at any time, the EconoGrind ESP granulators have a nearly level feed hopper that designed with ergonomics in mind.
Using a looped rope traveling through a tube with evenly spaced discs to create a moving air current, these conveyors are said to maintain high throughput rates of up to 120 metric tons per hour, elevating material from a ground-level feed hopper to heights of up to 25 m at any angle, according to the company.
With this additional run-of-mine tonnage, CGC now has 9500 tonnes of plant feed available adjacent to its new feed hopper and conveying system.
Main components are agitated feed hopper with equalizing screw, screw feeder, reactor assembly, discharge assembly, flash tank, drives and control system.
The unit is ready for crushing or transport within minutes, thanks to the patented feed hopper with a safe hydraulic securing system and radial side conveyor.
Bulk solids are charged into the feed hopper while liquids are introduced into the batch mixer.