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We're in the jungle and the main animals will feed off the rest of us," Pulis said.
And the captain insists he will feed off having someone as energetic as Tipuric alongside him.
England manager Martin Johnson has urged his young guns to feed off the excitement of facing New Zealand and not be overawed by the All Black aura.
Zwierschke says the company's primary focus is not so much to whittle down the landfill's piles of old trash, but to feed off the new waste stream.
He owns five commercial properties within nearly a block's radius and agrees with the prevailing idea that the residential and commercial markets synergistically will feed off of one another.
A side project, Polders, begun in 2000, has the goal of occupying space in order to feed off it as a parasite.
Last summer, two groups of researchers--one led by Jeffrey Palmer of Indiana University in Bloomington and the other by Charles Davis of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor--reported independently that some host plants pass their genes to the parasitic plant species that feed off them.
feed off a continuous reel that is advanced manually when needed.
Attendees remarked repeatedly what a great backdrop the city and its gourmet culture are for the event and how, in a town like this, not only does the city feed off of the show, but the show feeds off of the city.
The museum is devoted entirely to tapeworms, bloodsuckers, and other organisms that feed off their hosts.