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And the captain insists he will feed off having someone as energetic as Tipuric alongside him.
England manager Martin Johnson has urged his young guns to feed off the excitement of facing New Zealand and not be overawed by the All Black aura.
Jenson's got a huge amount of experience and I'm heading into my fourth year, so I've quite good experience as well, so I think we will both just feed off each other, learn a huge amount from one another," he added.
Ironically, it was Fiona Wright - a performance artist - who provided the most satisfying British dance work in Touching Jonah, a slyly minimalist piece that appears to feed off pop-culture images.
The teeth are bathed in the milk and bacteria feed off it, causing decay.
They said the beetles fed off carcasses and that if I had a loft and a rat had died, the beetles would feed off it and then come into the house looking for more food.
The beach provides muscle heads with an outlet to display their hard work; teenage attention hounds with an audience to feed off of; aspiring circus performers with a juggling forum; chess enthusiasts with a table and opponent, sports fanatics with field and play; fishermen with dock and smelt; and skateboarders with obstacle and freedom.
Dollars and policy always feed off of one another in Washington, but rarely has the balance been so heavily tilted to the dollar end of the scale as during the flurry of farm policy activity before Congress departed town for its annual summer recess.