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The balance is livestock feed processing, land maintenance and replacement parts orders.
The current backlog is $1,100,000 and consists mainly of high margin livestock feed processing and land maintenance equipment and replacement parts orders.
Art's-Way manufactures and distributes farm machinery niche products including animal feed processing products; sugar beet, potato and edible-bean equipment; and land maintenance products.
The agreement contemplates the installation, at mutually agreeable locations, of up to 50 systems utilizing Microgy's proprietary technology for production of biogas from manure and food industry waste for the operation of feed processing and drying facilities.
The low interest rate environment in first-quarter 2003 continues to fuel title order counts, which is expected to feed processing activity well into the third quarter, resulting in another strong year for the residential title insurance industry," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Donovan Fraser.
Sales of the Company's higher margin sugar beet equipment and service parts were ahead of last year, while drought in the Southwest reduced sales of dairy and cattle feed processing products.
for feed processing equipment, and strong cash flow will result in a