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Were the objectives of the feedback session achieved?
Did the feedback approach adopted by the supervisor fit the purpose?
Awareness of learners about the time and place of the feedback session to be
Several studies explore the types of feedback as directive or facilitative that can be used to support learners.
Contrary to that there are researchers that consider corrective feedback as an important variable for second language learning.
Ashwell (2000) asserts that teacher believe that providing feedback to students writings helps them to create accuracy in their writings.
The positive feedback loop can be stopped by saturation processes.
Equation (1) shows that increasing the section amplifies the feedback gain.
Augmented feedback serves several purposes in the learning process.
Ende (1983), commenting on feedback in medical education, states: 'It is preferable for the teacher and trainee to work together as allies, without necessarily obscuring the hierarchy of control' (p.
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS ARE ONE STRATEGY USED TO ASSIST STUDENTS IN THE APPLICATION OF THEORY AND RESEARCH KNOWLEDGE TO THE CLINICAL EXPERIENCE (TORNOE, 2007), Traditionally, feedback for such assignments is provided in writing, but this method may not be most effective for students of the "Net Generation," those students born in the 1980s or later who typically grew up with access to digital technology (Oblinger & Oblinger, 2005).
Van Beuningen has focused on the current debate on the role of written corrective feedback in second language writing and has located this in the wider area of second language acquisition research with its theoretical foundations in the long established research on the role of corrective feedback in second language acquisition (Lyster and Ranta, 1997).