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I again tried, and succeeded in gaining my feet; but, stoop- ing to get the tub with which I was feeding the fan, I again staggered and fell.
For an hour the silence was broken only by the distant booming of the guns and the low noises of the feeding horse and then, from possibly a mile away, came the rumbling thunder of a lion's roar.
This one glared and growled at the girl for a moment and then fell to feeding upon the dead horse.
Then, presently, they went to feeding again as though nothing had happened, and with them fed John Clayton, Lord Greystoke.
At sight of the body of Bara and the smell of blood the panther gave forth a shrill scream, and a moment later two beasts were feeding side by side upon the tender meat of the deer.
With lowered head he watched us until we had passed, and then continued feeding.
If you are feeding me now for work performed, why did you not feed me then when I needed it?
But you are not feeding me for their sake, nor for the sake of anything else I have written.
After having the niggers (who had been feeding the cane) pour cream of lime on the rollers to keep everything sweet, I sent them out to join the cane-cutting squads.
They are incapable of making their own nests, or of feeding their own larvae.
These birds, although thus commonly feeding together, are far from being friends.
They could not restore her to life by throwing sticks at Numa, and they might even now be feeding in quiet themselves; but Tarzan was of a different mind.