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When they first considered the possibility of establishing a feeding center, they asked MANNA to help them find an area where there was desperate need, "a place where the children may actually feel as though God has forgotten them," Rev.
None of the feeding centers had electricity, so all the tests were manual, and at times we performed them by flashlight.
Some funds also are used to build feeding centers in poverty-stricken parts of the world, like Haiti.
Children are arriving at therapeutic feeding centers barely clinging to their lives.
The $50,000 will be donated to the Red Cross "Tsunami Relief Fund" and the food supplements will be distributed to those in need through feeding centers which are being established in Colombo, Sri Lanka and India.
But pockets of malnutrition and disease persist, leaving significant need for medicine, shelter and feeding centers.
The feeding centers don't operate any more, the old folks home doesn't operate, the shelters don't operate.
From Thursday through Sunday, 13 auto dealerships will serve as repositories for canned and packaged food that will be distributed to churches and feeding centers throughout the year.
These families cope in emergencies by visiting food banks and pantries, emergency feeding centers and other charities, after they have exhausted their month's groceries.
The last of the Doctors Without Frontiers teams left North Korea last Thursday after 16 continuous months supporting therapeutic feeding centers and running drug distribution programs and training programs, the group said.
Feeding America also provides immediate relief through emergency feeding centers operated by NVOAD (National Voluntary Organizations Active In Disaster) partners, including the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other disaster relief organizations.
Millions of dollars of aid has been sent to Niger both to help victims of the floods and to run feeding centers for malnourished children, according to AP.