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I am so grateful to the team at the feeding center for changing our lives.
The feeding center is currently in a felt tent called a gur which is a very common and economical form of housing.
I helped start four laboratories from scratch, worked to fight epidemics, and even lent a hand at the feeding centers.
Jordan started at the feeding center with regularly scheduled follow-up appointments.
David started at the feeding center in New Jersey as an outpatient and was accepted into the day treatment program in April 2005.
Contract awarded for 2016 Zuniga Fruit Feeding Center
Contract awarded for 2015 Zuniga Fruit Feeding Center
Muir's idea came from a published article in which the Illinois State Board of Education was seeking feeding centers around the state.
The Center has also provided support to the WHO for the implementation of 18 therapeutic feeding centers which targeted 17,280 malnourished children, managed the organization of the 5421 case of the treatment of acute malnutrition for children under five.
Currently, more than 35,000 children worldwide receive meals every day through LeSEA's "Every Child Every Day" program in partnering schools, orphanages and feeding centers.
Aguilar spearheaded the establishment of the more than 60-day care and feeding centers for children.
In Dera Murad Jamali, Balochistan where the team is running five ambulatory therapeutic feeding centers (ATFCs), the number of children enrolled in the programme increased significantly following the floods due to either food insecurity or the addition of displaced people to the local population.